Alkaline Diet, Does It Work? A Review on Benefits + Tips and Food List

If you only heard of alkaline diet just now, you’re in for a treat. This diet is said to promote longevity and healthier lifestyle, which makes it one of the top picks when it comes to dieting.

alkaline diet foods

Are you looking for a diet that promotes longevity and healthier life at the same time? Who wouldn’t want that? If you think this kind of diet will work best for you, it’s about time to get yourself indulged in the idea of trying called an alkaline diet.

Is there any proof to this claim? There is. It is also because of this, a certain study that made an alkaline diet very ideal for most people. It was a review made and published in an article by the Journal of Environmental Health last 2012 that provided us with the effectivity and benefits of an alkaline diet. They connected the diet with the body’s pH levels and how it can contribute to a person’s lower morbidity and mortality due to a lot of chronic diseases. Somehow, this claim was believed by many people, and they started to adopt the ways of consuming alkaline containing foods in their diets.

Yes, it was because of that, certain review that made the diet into one of the wells sought after types of diet, but is there any scientific proof to prove these claims? Let’s find out.

The Alkaline Diet

Our bodies, just like other substances, have a fixed pH level; and this also differs depending on which part of the body.

For some reason, even the food we intake has their pH levels, and this is one thing to consider in preparing foods for our diet since they also make an impact on the body’s pH level. So by adding up alkaline into the diet, it can maintain and balance the required levels in the body to promote homeostasis. This diet aided mostly blood and urine. Once a person has their blood in a perfect state, it can help with and develop the body’s overall health.

However, what is pH, and why is it important for the body?

The pH Scale

Acids and bases (alkaline) are classifications of substances, and they each have their characteristics. Both of them are important and essential for different body organs and components. It usually depends on how organs function if they should be considered as acidic or basic.

In using the pH scale, they used the ranges 0 to 14 to determine the pH level. The number 7 is normal or described as a neutral pH level. To identify if a substance is acidic, the result of the scale will show pH levels that are lower than 7; those that are basic (or alkaline) have pH levels that are higher than 7.

By using the pH scale, it is easier to check if a person is having problems with their pH level. Body liquids like blood and urine are tested if one wants to get their pH level checked.

The Importance of a Balanced pH Level

Will a disturbance in pH level affect the body? The answer is yes, and it may either be negatively or positively.

Each body organ has different pH levels, and this depends on its function. For example, human blood is known to have a pH level that is around 7.35 to 7.45, which are the levels that are considered safe and normal. Once those levels get higher or lower than those limits, it will be in either the state of acidosis or alkalosis. What happens when the state of the pH in the blood changes? It may start an infection that can lead to more serious health conditions.

Also, the pH level of the blood is regulated by both lungs and kidneys. When either or both of them get issues, it may impact the pH level at the same time. It is also common for most illnesses and diseases to cause a sudden imbalance in the blood’s pH level. So once you get your pH level checked and the result shows it to be either basic or acidic, you may consider the possibility of an underlying issue.

Benefits of the Alkaline Diet

The main reason why the alkaline diet is considered to be one of the greatest is because of its benefits.

Better vitamin absorption with fewer chances of deficiency

The mineral called magnesium is increased in the body with the help of alkaline. Magnesium deficiency is common to most people since it is only found in small amounts in some foods. When people are magnesium deficient, it results in more serious complications like cardiovascular issues for example. Also, this connects to the body’s vitamin absorption (specifically vitamin D) since magnesium is known to contribute to this function.

Lowers risk of chronic diseases caused by inflammation

Inflammation is usually an indication of a soon to grow chronic disease, so it is important to get rid of the inflammation as soon as possible before it gets worse. In cases like these, alkaline can be helpful. It can also regulate the blood pressure to avoid the development of hypertension and the possible occurrence of stroke.

Lesser chance of getting cancer

According to the study, it shows that alkaline can decrease the chances of getting cancer. The research showed that cancer cells die easier when they are in an alkaline environment. The alkaline diet is found helpful to cancer patients who were undergoing chemotherapy.

Tips on Alkaline Diet and What Foods to Eat

Fruits and vegetables are the most common foods eaten for the alkaline diet. Although there are a lot of varieties to choose from, it is still better to pick those that were grown organic.

For some reason, the pH level of soil affects the vitamin and mineral content of the fruits and vegetables that grow in them. That makes each of them different from one another even by looking at the soil.

There are a lot of fruits and vegetables you can eat in an alkaline diet, and most of the time, they are better eaten raw.

The best sources of alkaline are fruits like watermelon, dates, raisin, bananas, avocado, and citrus among others. For vegetables, there are a lot of them that are advisable wherein included are: spinach, alfalfa, broccoli, green beans, oregano, celery, and cabbage.

If you want to add a few twists on your meals, it is best to add more plant proteins that can be found in almonds and almost all kinds of beans. Alkaline water is also more accessible these days and they tend to be a lot healthier compared to common mineral and distilled waters.

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