Blood Type Diet: Does It Work?

As the name suggests, this type of diet builds on the concept of having a diet that is suitable for your blood type.

blood type diet

The blood type diet went popular in the 90s and has started to pick up some buzz among the millennials recently. But just what is the blood type diet about? Well, as the name suggests, this type of diet builds on the concept of having a diet that is suitable for your blood type.

For example, people who are type O should have a high-protein diet with a focus on the intake of lean meat and legumes. Type A people, meanwhile, should have a meat-free diet.

Is the blood type diet all fad or is there any sense to the claims? Know more about it as you read through the article.


The Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet has been discovered way back in the 90’s era but is now slowly making rounds in the social media sites due to influencers. Indeed, the blood type diet has such a weird but interesting flair to it. But does it truly work?

Dieticians say that it is not scientifically backed and researched on that is why extra care should be observed when thinking about adopting this type of diet. What makes the dietitians skeptical about the blood type diet is the fact that the blood type has no correlation or link whatsoever on the perfect type of diet that you should observe. Yes, not all human beings are the same and we may have different dietary needs. And, these needs are definitely not solely defined by the type of blood that we have.

The blood type diet’s main flaw is the thinking that the blood type that a person has defines his or her chemical processes. For some dietitians this makes sense. But the thought of adhering to the same diet for your whole life seems unhealthy, not mention it is not scientifically backed.

Dietitians do not say that the blood type diet is bad through and through. If the blood type diet recommended to you involves a well-balanced diet and provides an ample amount of nutrients, then, by all means, that type of blood type diet is safe.

On the other hand, if the blood type diet that you have been given is one-sided and favors only two of the macronutrients like for example fats and carbs, then this type of diet is quite sketchy and should be given second thoughts.


But Does Blood Really Matter in Certain Types of Diet?

The blood type that you have and so is its contents, and overall health is pretty much useful for doctors to look at a spectrum of your current condition. Doctors can look up in the condition of the different organs in your body like your kidney, lungs, or liver through blood testing alone. Blood-testing can also determine what kind of vitamins and macronutrients your body has a deficiency on. These observations on deficiencies make it possible for doctors to recommend what type of vitamins should help you augment these losses.

The seemed bogus correlation of blood type to the type of diet you should have is not absolutely unreal and bogus. The medical world is still at the veil in these types of discussions, and further research is needed.

Blood types are not also entirely useless because there are diseases that seem to be inclined in a certain blood type. The correlation between a certain blood type and the disease certainly shows that there is truly a unique internal chemistry according to each type of blood. The medical world has to research about this correlation too.

The hype about the blood type diet is said to flourish due to the emerging medical journals on the inclination of certain diseases in certain types of blood. Science has not caught up on this hype yet and further research and testings should still be established to confirm certain reports, records, and assumptions.


Is the Blood Type Diet For You?

The blood type diet according to dietitians contains all the necessary macronutrients that you need and is slightly more inclined to vegetables, protein, and fruits. In its face, the blood type diet looks healthy. Dietitians would tell you though that the best type of diet a well-balanced diet and the ones that cater to your needs. Avoiding a one-sided diet both in short and a long span of time might also be a good option for you.

If you are somebody that is into cutting down on weight, the blood type diet might not work on you since it is not scientifically backed in the first place. Instead, you should try to adhere to proven and safe methods of cutting down on weight like exercising, changing on your lifestyle and choosing your diet well. Dietitians often say that the food plan of the blood type diet looks pretty much healthy. The only dilemma about the blood type diet is the confusion in terms of the correlation of the blood type to the kind of diet you should adhere, but in general, the blood type diet food plan seems fine.


The Takeaway

Dietitians want us to note that instead of focusing on the blood type to know what is the best diet for us, we should look to the bigger picture of our health. Then from there, start to make healthy options for our health. Losing on weight should not only be your focus, but overall wellness and health should also be taken into account for. This is truly where you feel satisfied with whatever body or vessel you are in today.

Blood type diet works but it only works in a certain way, and most of its methods and contents are still not backed by science.

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