Cabbage Soup Diet: Can You Really Lose Weight in 7 Days?

Cabbage soup diet is a seven-day method used to lose weight. The diet is a good foundation for an instant weight loss and decided long-term diet of your choice.

cabbage soup diet

What is the cabbage soup diet?

The cabbage soup diet is not a long-term diet for weight loss. However, it is a good foundation to immediately lose some pounds and continue on a long-term diet of your choice.

This diet is composed of a low-fat and high-fiber meal plan which basically revolves cabbage recipes, particularly soups. The diet is much effective for weight loss in just a week. But again, this method is designed for short-term used only.

A dieter can lose up to 10 pounds after a week of practice. However, many health professionals debate about its sustainability and safety.

How Does it Work?

To do the diet, you will be given a week to prepare a meal based and strictly on its meal plan. For instance, you will cook and eat cabbage soup twice or thrice in seven days. Nevertheless, there are foods assigned to partner the cabbage soup with, such as:

  • On the first day: all fruits excluding bananas
  • On the second day: non-starchy, leafy, green vegetables
  • On the third day: vegetables and fruits combined
  • On the fourth day: skim milk and bananas
  • On the fifth day: beef and tomatoes but skinless chicken can be used as a substitute
  • On the sixth day: combined beef and veggies
  • On the seventh day: vegetables, brown rice, and unsweetened fruit juices for beverage

Though the daily recipes for cabbage soups vary, its content is similar such as cabbage, bouillon, onions, carrots, mushrooms, celery, green peppers, and tomatoes. Thus, the diet’s disadvantage is obvious. The options are very much limited that its dieter would possibly get bored quickly.

Other rules bound in the diet are:

  1. Water is the only beverage to drink during the seven-day diet. Nevertheless, other beverages are welcomed as long as it is calorie-free. For example, unsweetened tea can drink.
  2. The diet is not allowed for more than seven days. It is strictly on that time period. But if a dieter desires to do the diet again, he or she should let two weeks past, before doing it again.

Usually, the diet is recommended to be taken with multivitamins daily. As you may have noticed, the diet may be lacked certain nutrients.

Moreover, exercise is not included in its plan and heavy workouts are actually not recommended during the diet because of the low-calorie intake.

Other Names

The diet is rumored to be invented for patients who have heart problems and need to undergo surgery. These patients who need a quick weight loss for the surgery is recommended to do the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet, also known as the Mayo Clinic Diet—other names for cabbage soup diet. The other names are believed to be the hospitals who developed the method, however, the hospitals deny these claims. Because of that, it is not known as the original source of the diet. Though during the 1980s, the diet is already popular.

How Effective the Diet is?

There has been no research or studies conducted to confirm the effectiveness of the cabbage soup diet. But seeing that it has low-calorie contents, it is probably effective in losing weight.

For instance, maintaining your body weight with its meal plan is impossible. Imagine supplying your body with just soups and limited options of additional foods for seven days. Surely, your metabolic rate will respond to your calorie restrictions.

However, right after you stop the diet, your original weight will probably come back. The explanation is simple. It just needs three days of the very low-calorie diet to diminish your body’s metabolism. Thus, the slowdown makes your body gain weight again after you stop the diet.

What are the Disadvantages of the Diet

Though the diet is potentially effective to lose some pounds, it is still associated with some possible drawbacks.

First, the diet is only allowed for a week. Thus, if you are seeking a long-term weight loss, this may not be a suitable diet to choose.

Secondly, the diet lacks in supplying necessary nutrients. The few food choices to partner the cabbage soups has many vitamins and minerals shortages such as protein. It does not much offer protein even for just one week. And without this necessary nutrient, it will be difficult to maintain your muscle mass.

Lastly, the diet may be hard to endure for several dieters because of its bland taste.

Potential Side Effects

Learning how nutritionally imbalance and restrictive Cabbage Soup Diet is, you now understand why it is not recommended for more than seven days. Here are further possible side effects details:

  • Very Low in Calories: The diet is not even close to a starvation kind, nevertheless, reaching the recommended calorie intake for a day is hard to achieve, seeing that it offers low calories only. Men are recommended to have 1,500 calories each day. Meanwhile, women are recommended to have at least 1,200 calories. But in the case of the diet, even 1,000 calories is difficult to gain.
  • It May Result in Cramping and Flatulence: Flatulence and cramping are the major side effects of the diet. This is because of the high fiber associated with it. Many dieters are bothered with the cramping and flatulence that they decided to stop.
  • It May Result in Gallbladder Issues: Having a fast way of weight loss may result in gallstones consequence. It happens when you don’t consume much fat. It is because the gallbladder usually chemicals to aid with digesting high-fat food. Thus, once you have not much fat in your digestive system, gallstones are formed.
  • It May Change the Level of Your Blood Sugar: The diet is not prohibited for diabetic patients. However, health professionals advise them to be cautious while doing the diet as it may make a major change in the level of their blood sugar. This is due to the low calorie and carbohydrate that it offers. With that said, the diet may be safe for healthy people. Just be sure that you will not overdo it for more than a week.

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