Dr. Berg’s Keto Diet For Beginners

Dr. Berg’s Keto Diet is a healthy kind of keto as it focuses on eating the right kinds of food to improve overall health and not just to lose weight regardless of the kind of calories consumed.

Dr. Berg's Keto Diet

Dr. Berg’s Keto Diet claims to be a healthy kind of keto for those who want to see consistent results. It is a form of a ketogenic diet that utilizes ingredients that are full of nutrients and ingredients of the highest quality to help individuals achieve optimal health. Generally speaking, a keto diet is when the body shifts to using ketones instead of carbs and sugar from grains and pasta. These ketones are a form of acid that is developed once the body starts using up stored fats instead of consumed carbohydrates.

In this article, we look at what Dr. Berg’s Keto Diet and offer some information regarding what beginners can expect for this diet program. Read on to find out more!

Healthy Ketogenic Diet vs. Traditional Ketogenic Diets

While all forms of keto diet focus on eating a diet that is low in carbohydrates to induce the body into going into a state of ketosis, the different variants of the ketogenic diet are not completely the same.

Traditional ketogenic diets, in fact, do not have any food differentiations and in most cases allow the consumption of gluten products, GMOs or genetically modified food items, and highly processed products. Traditional keto diets can sometimes also include food items with synthetic vitamins and unhealthy trans fat. This is because the traditional variant of the said diet is to reduce the symptoms of epilepsy and for weight loss that is rapid and it does not always have the best nutritional practices in mind. As such, people can experience weight loss but not become much healthier. 

A healthy keto diet on the other hand believes that people should get healthy to lose weight and not the other way around. This means consuming food items that are high quality which includes pasture-raised eggs, fowls, fish, and meat, and organic veggies and dairy. Also, this kind of diet does not limit itself to counting calories as most common diets do. This means counting calories regardless of the source of these calories. Aside from being unhealthy, this approach is considered wrong by most nutrition experts. 

Nutrition experts consider this as the wrong way of eating food for health as it is not all just about calories but also about which nutrients one gains from the said calories which are the general thrust of this healthy ketogenic diet by Dr. Berg- a way to obtain the nutrients you need from food items consumed. On top of all these, not all calories are created equal when interacting with one’s hormones. Calories from carbs can initialize fat storing and fat making hormones while calories obtained from fat do not have the same effects as the ones from carbs. 

Healthy Keto: How Is It Achieved?

A healthy keto requires people to eat the right kinds of fat for fat loss. With the focus of a healthy diet being in the provision of proper nourishment, a healthy keto will generally observe three guidelines for success:

  • Avoid all forms of sugar: This is crucial so that people can reach and maintain their state of ketosis.
  • Focus on eating nutrient-dense food items:  These can provide the body with the needed nutrients for overall health.
  • Eat low carbohydrates and high-fat food items:  The core of the ketogenic diet in terms of overall direction. Following this principle will ensure that while in ketosis, people will only use up their fat reserves.

Berg’s Keto Diet: What Food Items to Eat

To enter the state mentioned earlier (ketosis), this keto diet from Dr. Berg maintains a low carb strategy daily (around 5% of calories consumed daily). It is also advisable for individuals to vary the number of eaten meals and to eliminate snacks. During the first three (3) days, it is ideal that a low carbohydrate dinner and brunch is enjoyed. The next few days will be the same. However, for the last three days of the program, people can still have their low carbohydrate midday meal while just having a dinner smoothie.

This nine (9) day cycle may be repeated as much as the individual or dieter prefers. The good news- Dr. Berg’s Keto program can provide delicious meals and keto recipes that can help people enjoy their food and also feel satiated at the same time. In general, this healthy keto diet is mostly keeping carbs down and the appropriate timing of meals. For other food items to be included, individuals are advised to include leafy greens daily which can help prevent nutritional deficiencies that can result in fatigue to low-carb dieters. This is also the reason behind Dr. Berg’s Keto program’s inclusion of a green smoothie for the last 3 days of the diet cycle.

Berg’s Keto: What Makes It So Effective?

Similar to other diets that are also low carb, the ketogenic diet dramatically reduces the preferred fuel of the body which is sugar which in turn transitions or shifts the body’s fuel burning to its fats instead. This keto diet from Dr. Berg also initializes the HGH production of the body to help in limiting how frequently the dieter eats. HGH is tasked with tapping into the fat reserves of the body once food supply is scarce. There is also evidence to suggest that reduced eating can also lead to a surge in HGH. While strategies that can extend the period from one meal to the next can help in HGH enhancement, the staggered diet program of Dr. Berg has one clear advantage or benefit compared to the rest- It can help prevent plateaus and will continue to rev metabolism with a pattern of eating that is unpredictable and off-kilter. 

Bottom Line

Dr. Berg’s Keto is a healthy kind of keto as it focuses on eating the right kinds of food to improve overall health and not just to lose weight regardless of the kind of calories consumed. In a healthy keto, the source and quality of calories are crucial and carefully considered.

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