Fruitarian Diet, Is It Really Safe and Healthy?

A fruitarian diet is basically a diet that is primarily consisted of fruits. The fruitarian diet almost deprives your body of the most basic macronutrients that your body needs.

bowl of fruits for the fruitarian diet

There are so many types of diets out there that are making rounds in the social media sphere. These diets all promise the same in terms of cutting back on your weight. No all of these diets need to be believed though, you should try to adhere to scientifically backed methods and explanations. Some of these are effective and safe while others are just purely bogus and meant for profit. It is quite hard to determine what type of diet is approved and backed scientifically because a trip to a dietitian is actually expensive. In this article, we will try to answer one of your diet fixations down, and this article is dedicated to the fruitarian diet, its nature, safety, and effectivity.

A fruitarian diet is basically a diet that primarily centers on the intake of fruits. The fruitarian diet is one of the most strict diets out there that you can try. The fruitarian diet almost deprives your body of the most basic macronutrients that your body needs. Some people are committed though in really indulging themselves in the process no matter what the cost is.


The Fruitarian Diet

The typical fruitarian diet imposes at least 75 percent of your diet to consist of raw fruit. Some dietitian though lower the percentage to 40 to 50 percent so the person will not suffer any significant macronutrient decrease. The 75 percent of all raw fruit diet is quite restrictive and honestly intimidating. Some people might be suitable for this type of diet due to their internal chemistry, but some people might not be suitable at all. The suitability of your body to the fruitarian diet should be taken into account for.

The fruitarian diet is a restrictive diet that should be taken with diligence and care. You should proceed with caution, and gradually or otherwise, you will contract unwanted diseases in the future. You do not immerse in the fruitarian diet in one blow you can slowly but surely introduce this diet to your meals every day. Like for example, after every meal, you can eat a banana, munch on a seed, little bite-sized fruits. This gradual transition from regular eating style to a full-blown fruitarian diet must have at least three servings of fruit every day.


The Benefits of the Fruitarian Diet

  • Fruits are generally healthy for the body because they contain a huge amount of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and many more.
  • You will most likely lose some of your weight if you diligently adhere to the fruitarian diet but like any other types of diet, if you choose to stop doing it suddenly, then you might bring your weight back up.

The Disadvantages of the Fruitarian Diet


The fruitarian diet is quite restrictive. Imagine, only 25 percent of your daily meals are allowed for other types of macronutrients like carbohydrates to be taken in. In some cases, this might cause malnutrition.

Weight Gain

The fruitarian diet for some people might be unfit for cutting on weight. Some people tend to get fat when they eat a lot of sugar. Fruits are naturally rich in sugar. Not everybody has the same internal chemistry in their body. So, while others lose weight because of the fruitarian diet, others may gain even more weight.

Overconsumption of Sugar

The fruitarian diet is not good for people that has or is at risk of diabetes, pancreas, and kidney conditions. Remember that when you are on a fruitarian diet, you risk yourself of consuming a lot of sugar and at times, much more sugar than what your body is supposed to be having.

Aside from putting your internal organs at risk, you also put your teeth in the line of damage. Too much sugar is corrosive and damaging for the teeth.


You might have a tendency to be nutritionally deficient when you try the fruitarian diet, and this is not impossible to happen. Almost 75% of your diet are all dedicated to fruits, and only 25 percent of your means are allowed for other macronutrients to drop by. This means you might feel tired all day because our body is not getting enough carbs or carbohydrates.

Another bad thing about the fruitarian diet is you cannot take in supplements to augment our nutritional deficiencies. Supplements like soy protein cannot be introduced to your system while you are still on a fruitarian diet. So you see, nutritional deficiency and malnutrition are not far-fetched in this type of diet. Sure you cut back your weight, but the nourishment your body should be having is not present. As always, you should only be concerned in gaining your normal body mass index and not for the sake of being skinny.

Increase in food craving

Being in a fruitarian diet means being immersed on fruit for a long time. Do you know that this type of process can trigger sudden food craving?

Your body will be forced to turn on its starvation mode and will treat the diet as though you are starving. This will prompt and trigger your desire to eat more food. The starvation mode also means that your body will slow down your own metabolism.


What do you do then when you are dead set on doing the fruitarian diet?

I suggest you talk to your doctor first before starting the fruitarian diet. Your doctor or your dietitian knows your body more than you and the technicalities that involved in it. They are the ones who know whether your body is fit to receive this type of diet or if your body is simply not ready yet in this type of diet. They can also advise you on what to do and what not to do under the fruitarian diet program so that nutritional deficiencies and other complications will not happen.

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