Grapefruit Diet: Does It Work or Is It All Hype?

The grapefruit diet includes a grapefruit into every meal. This diet claims to help with weight loss fast. Know more about this diet here.

fresh slices of grapefruit

There can be a time in your life that when you thought about losing those excess fats. Yes, a healthy diet can be beneficial for you. And if you are one of the many people who believe that diet is beneficial for your body, then you must be familiar with the grapefruit diet.

This kind of diet has enzymes that can help you burn excess fats in your body, much like what a weight loss supplement would do. Besides, this diet was so popular that it had a lot of variations. Some last for 10 to 12 days, depending on how your body can lose weight. Studies even show that it can help you remove up to 10 pounds.

Learn more about this diet by reading through this article.

What You Need To Know

As you must know, when you undergo a diet, you need to limit your food intake. Sacrificing some of your favorite fatty food is a must as well. And of course, you need to love grapefruit if you are going to pursue this kind of weight loss strategy.

First, you need to know that there is a classic version of this diet. If you are going to try this, take note of the following:

  • Eat grapefruit before or during meals. You can also drink grapefruit juice if you want to.
  • Focus on eating food that is rich in cholesterol, protein, and fat. These include red meat, pork, and eggs.
  • You need to avoid celery, white onion, and other food.
  • You need to cut down on carbs and sugar. Meaning, you need to say goodbye to pasta, potatoes, and rice.

Other popular variations focus on cutting calories up to 800 per day. Take note that you need to stay dehydrated during this diet. You need to drink up to 8 glasses of water. It would also be great if you drink 1 cup of coffee every day.

Since there are different types of grapefruit diet, there are those versions that are strict while there are those that are flexible. You just need to know which will suit best for your body.

Some of the possible variations are the following:

  • Bulk on high-cholesterol and high-fat foods while fewer carb intake.
  • Eliminate calorie intake
  • Eat grapefruit after meals
  • Mix food that can burn fats

The good news about this diet is that it is easy to prepare. You just need to watch out for the nutritional value of the food you are about to eat and just add grapefruit. There is no need for you to prepare for a lot of things. You are not even required to do exercises in this diet.

However, there are some restrictions that you should be aware of this diet. For example, vegans and vegetarians are not suitable for this diet since the grapefruit diet has meat. Changing the diet to fit their eating habit might not work as well.

Meanwhile, you may cut down carbs that have gluten. Although, you must know that this diet does not technically prohibit you from eating gluten. It is just that you need to lessen your carb intake for this diet to work.

What The Experts Think

Of course, the experts have their take on the different types of diets. For the grapefruit diet, most experts think that it is not effective. But how come? Why?

Research shows that grapefruit is not ideal for weight loss. This is because, in a study conducted before, it has shown that those who eat grapefruit gained weight as compared to those who did not. It might be true that grapefruit will make you feel food as it contains a lot of water. But it does not burn fat. Also, losing 10 pounds within less than 2 weeks is not easy, especially without exercise.

Experts believe that if you want to lose weight more safely, it is best to take slow and sure steps. Do not go for diets that can change your weight drastically as these tend to fail in the long run. There are even studies that we’re able to prove that it can interfere with some drugs. When this happens, the effect of the drug will increase.

So in case you are taking drugs, or you have other conditions, you should consult with your doctor first if you can undergo this diet. Once everything is cleared, then you should try it. But if the doctor did not allow you, then consider trying another way to lose weight.


Grapefruit diet can be a good way for you to get thin. This is because grapefruits make you feel full. After all, it contains a lot of water. Eating this regularly will lower your chance to eat more. With that, the grapefruit diet was born. Diet experts then suggest that you try this diet while keeping an eye on your carbs intake.

However, if you are planning to have a long-term diet that can give you great results, then it is not advisable to try this diet. One reason is that it does not burn fat. Unlike other diets that promote slow and steady weight loss, grapefruit diet cannot burn fats. What it can do is suppress your hunger, hoping that it could lead to weight loss.

Even better, grapefruit can have side effects for those who are taking medicines. Vegetarians are not recommended to try it as well since it has meat. These limitations can already be an issue. 

Considering this, we have a good suggestion for you. You can do a different diet, just make sure that it will fit your body type. Then, eat grapefruits every after meals. This way, you will no longer feel hungry after eating. Plus! Grapefruits can give you health benefits so you are actually in a win-win situation. For the best results, be sure to exercise as well.

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