12 Natural Ways On How To Get Rid Of A Bad Cough

Every natural remedy claims to be effective. But there’s little to no scientific evidence to back most of them. Some, however, have scientific backing. Which ones do? Read on to find out effective natural ways on how to get rid of a bad cough.

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Coughs are not bad in themselves. They are good. When you are coughing, here’s what is happening; your body is trying to clear infections and irritants from your body, especially the airways. But then, when coughing is persistent, it could be very annoying.

How to get rid of a bad cough often depends on what caused the cough in the first place. And cough has lots of possible causes. These include infections, allergies, and surprisingly acid reflux.

You might be able to relieve a bad cough with natural remedies. Many of these are age-long remedies that ancestors from many centuries ago passed down many generations. Some of them are quite popular.

Every natural remedy claims to be effective. But there’s little to no scientific evidence to back most of them. Some, however, have scientific backing. So they are considered to be generally safe. But then, it is still wise to avoid long-term use.

It is also important to note that the FDA does not regulate or monitor supplements and herbs. So you might be putting yourself at risk because some of these products might be low-quality or contain impurities.

That’s why you must ensure to get the best quality product for treating your cough if you’re using natural remedies. However, regardless of what you might have heard about natural remedies, do not shun medical treatment. If your cough persists beyond a week or two or if it becomes very severe, you should seek prompt medical advice.

Natural Ways on How to Get Rid of a Bad Cough

1. Honey

This is a very popular at-home cough remedy. Just mix honey with water (preferably warm) to make tea for yourself and that’s it. Research says this method is a very effective cough remedy, especially for night-long coughing which mostly occurs in children.

A study even showed that dark honey gives better results for nigh-long coughing than dextromethorphan, a medication that suppresses cough. However, the difference wasn’t so much.

This remedy is safe but it’s safer to stay within the limit of 2 times a day. More so, children below the age of 1 should not be given honey.

2. Ginger

This at-home remedy is good for asthmatic or dry cough because of its anti-inflammatory properties. One study shows that some of these anti-inflammatory compounds relax airway membranes and this, in turn, reduces coughing.

The research on ginger for cough is still limited. We need more research to establish the benefits of ginger. If you are taking ginger tea for cough, note that it causes heartburn or stomach upset in some people.

3. Fluids

Proper hydration is very vital if you are coughing or have a cold. Researchers say that liquids at basic room temperature are somewhat effective for alleviating symptoms like cough, sneezing, and runny nose.

But then, if you have additional flu symptoms, you might want to warm up your beverages. This delivers better results. Aside from the symptoms we already mentioned, hot beverages can also alleviate chills, sore throat, and fatigue.

More Home Remedies for a Bad Cough

1. Marshmallow

The roots and herbs of marshmallow herb is an age-long remedy for cough and sore throats. But we still have limited research to validate its effects. However, marshmallow is considered to be generally safe.

Marshmallow herbs contain mucilage which can help soothe irritation and coat your throat. The herb is even present in capsules and teas nowadays. You can get for yourself and use it to treat your cough. But note that it is not advised for children.

2. Steam

A cough is described as wet of it produces phlegm or mucus. This kind of cough usually improves with steam. You could take a hot bath or shower. You can add essential oils (such as rosemary or eucalyptus) or herbs to the bath.

Also, allow the steam to fill up your bathroom and stay in it for some minutes until your symptoms subside. But make sure to drink enough water immediately you come out because steam can dehydrate you.

3. Peppermint

The leaves of peppermint are renowned for having great healing properties. One of its compounds, Menthol has decongestant effects and can soothe the throat. As such, it helps to break mucus down.

4. Salt-water gargle

Gargling salt-water is a simple remedy with great effectiveness when it comes to treating wet cough and sore throats. Salt-water gargle reduces mucus and phlegm. But you should not give it to children who can’t yet gargle properly so that they won’t swallow the salt-water. This could be dangerous.

12 Natural Ways On How To Get Rid Of Bad Cough

More on Natural Cough Remedies

  • Pungent spices like anise and cinnamon can also strengthen the respiratory system and ease cough. You can brew them into an herbal tea and drink to help open your lungs.
  • Thyme has potent medicinal uses and can be used as an effective remedy for sore throats, digestive issues, bronchitis, and of course cough. This might be due to its antioxidants.
  • Probiotics are good too. But they might not have direct effects on a cough. What they do is to help balance your gut bacteria and, in turn, boost your immunity to rid your body of allergens or infections that might be responsible for your cough.
  • Orange juice contains lots of fluid which is good for hydration. But aside from that, it also contains lots of vitamin-C. This amazing vitamin can reduce cough symptoms even in pneumonia patients.
  • Chicken soups are not just mothers’ favorites. They help relieve cold and cough. Think about it; chicken soups are often hot and steamy. They also contain fluids and herb. All these properties help fight cough.


Don’t ever ignore a bad and stubborn cough. If your cough is persistent, even if it is very mild, it is a bad cough. Sometimes, a bad cough might indicate a more serious health problem, including possibly lung cancer. So you should check with your physician and let him advise you on how to get rid of a bad cough even if you are using home remedies already.

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