Ideal Protein Diet: What Is It and What Can You Eat

The Ideal Protein Diet is considered to be a fad diet that can help people lose a lot of weight.

ideal protein diet

Diet is not only applicable for losing weight, but it may also be required for people who have certain medical conditions. This is why it is important to have a wider variety of diets since each person has different needs; for them to be able to choose which suits them and which will help them in their condition.

More often than not, doctors are responsible for the discovery of most diet routines. Although dietitians and nutritionists are more knowledgeable when it comes to the perfect food and nutrient combinations for such diet, there are doctors who thought of creating their own diet regimen which they can suggest their patients help them with their medical issues. A good example of this is the Ideal Protein Diet.


History of the Ideal Protein Diet

As suggested by the name, the Ideal Protein Diet is a kind of diet that mainly focuses on different kinds of food with fat, protein, and glycogen content. This diet was conceptualized by two individuals named Dr. Tran Tien Chanh and the entrepreneur Mr. Olivier Benloulou.

The idea of using the concepts of the diet has long been practiced by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh for about 20 years or more. He used to think of ways on how his patients can lose weight that can be a lot safer and easier to follow.

Based on the routine of this diet, it can be considered as an innovated version of the ketogenic diet; wherein consumption of carbohydrates is completely replaced by the intake of fats in order to get the body into the state of ketosis. But in the case of Ideal Protein Diet, it does not necessarily follow the concept of the ketogenic diet as a whole. This is where the innovative portion of the protein takes place since they prefer to restrict the consumption of fats temporarily. So, this diet instead makes use of the stored fats in the body in the process of burning as they claim it to be more effective. The person is also required to add more protein and glycogen in their diet to replace the carbohydrates a.k.a the sugar.

According to Dr. Chanh, this diet is solely based on scientific studies that are proven to be effective in promoting weight loss. They tried combining the concept of both the ketogenic diet and the ideas and facts on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The start of the diet’s publicity was when Dr. Chanh decided to merge with a company that is owned and managed by Olivier Benloulou, which is named Laboratoires C.O.P Inc. or better known as Ideal Protein; hence the name of the diet.


What is the Ideal Protein Diet?

To easier describe the Ideal Protein Diet, it is the modified version of ketogenic, but both diets can also be quite similar in few aspects such as the way these diets avoid the ingestion of carbohydrates; specifically, sugar, since they thought of these substances to contribute greatly to the weight gain in most people. This concept is somehow true.

In order to engage yourself in this diet, it is required for you to enroll in the program. You should try checking on clinics which may have Ideal Protein Diet programs as part of their offers. The application of this diet must be approved and monitored by a licensed healthcare practitioner of the available clinic, or else you may not be allowed to try on the diet to avoid any inconveniences or problems. Try checking on the website of Ideal Protein to see lists of clinics that offer the program, a lot of them are accessible in North America.

Like other diets, Ideal Protein Diet is divided into four phases. Each phase has its own timeline and they are also different approaches for each of them. We will be giving a few ideas regarding the four phases of the diet, but it is still best to follow what your healthcare practitioner asks you to do.

Phase 1

This phase does not have a fixed duration. It aims to start the program by helping the individual to lose some of their weight first.

Most meals that are given for this diet are pre-packaged and given by your clinic’s licensed guide; they will also be the ones who will take care of the counting of the nutritional amount for each food in order to strictly monitor which nutrients you will intake.

A few supplements are also given together with the Ideal Protein-fixed meals. Your practitioner will be giving you lists of which food to eat and the supplements to take by this time, it is important to follow which was given to you. After the diet and supplements take effect and you finally reach your goal (weight), it is time to move onto the next step.

Phase 2

The phase 2 may also be called the 14-Day phase since the duration of this phase is strictly 2 weeks long. The modification on the diet in this phase does not make that much of a difference, there are just a few additions like you can now be allowed to eat whole foods for your lunch and dinner. The supplements given in phase 2 are the same as the previous ones.

Phase 3

For another 2 weeks, the diet begins to go into the phase of re-stabilization. By this time, the diet is slowly modified to the one that should be maintained. Some foods are changed by this time, such as the usual Ideal Protein for breakfast that gets replaced by whole foods. Also, some supplements are removed from the regimen.

Phase 4

The last phase of the Ideal Protein diet lasts for about a year, and this is where you start to totally maintain the chosen foods that will be given by the practitioner. Your diet may completely change by this time but your body should already get used to it since it has already been slowly introduced during phase 3. This is also where you can get to eat a few more of what you usually consume, thus they give you a little more freedom in your diet.

This maintenance usually lasts for 12 months or 1 year, but after that, it should still be practiced as well if you do not want your diet to go to waste.


Foods to Eat for the Ideal Protein Diet

This diet is kind of strict, so you must be prepared for lifetime self-discipline before you finally try doing the diet.

Phases 1 and 2 are the most monitored phases where it is important to carefully pick which foods to eat. Most of the time, the clinic will already give ready-made meals that are essential for the diet, but there may be times (like dinner time) where you will be asked to freely choose your food; at the same time, the rules of the diet still applies.

For protein-rich foods:


Many fishes are allowed in the diet. Try going for anchovies, tuna, and trout for example.


Other than fish, you may also opt for seafood such as squid, crabs, oysters, shrimp, scallops, and many others.


Choose healthy cuts of edible birds like chicken, turkey, and quail.


Get the leaner meats like tenderloin, steak cuts, and sirloin among others.


Be sure to avoid the fatty parts of pork so just eat the tenderloin and fat-free hams.


Eat some unseasoned and plain tofu; it is very rich in protein.
It is also allowed to eat about 2 cups of some vegetables depending on the meal. You may try with asparagus, okra, kale, zucchini, and many more. Or get some amounts of approved raw vegetables like lettuce, spinach, or celery.

ideal protein diet

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