SparkPeople Diet: How Does It Aid with Weight Loss?

Too many diets may sometimes confuse you which one to spend your time, effort and money. Let us discover how SparkPeople diet aid weight loss.

Healthy meal for sparkpeople diet

Eight years ago, Chris Downie, a highly successful eBay early employee founded SparkPeople with gratitude in mind.  He developed a website SparkPeople last 2011 as a free place for people who needs weight loss support with approximately 11 million members to its multi-faceted programs and still growing. A SparkPeople diet is a holistic approach to weight loss.

SparkPeople diet is a goal-based weight program that involves various components like nutrition, healthy lifestyle, motivation, and goal-setting. Signing in is free, no monthly charges but some features are not free though however the majority can be availed free.

As a newbie to the SparkPeople diet, a program member is encouraged to read the book “The Spark”. This book offers a 28-day structured meal plan and workout regimen as its kick-off for the weight loss plan of the SparkPeople diet for best and faster results. SparkPeople diet is high carb, moderate fats, and low protein or micronutrients recommendations of 55% carb, 30% fats, and 15% protein. The calorie count is per individual member’s weight loss choices to either select moderate or aggressive. 

SparkPeople Commitment 

SparkPeople is committed to bringing its members towards a healthy lifestyle from dieting to exercise while making it interesting, accessible and user-friendly. The website is providing you the necessary information you need in your weight loss journey. There is nothing so new so no need for tiresome trial and errors, theirs are tried and tested methods of living a healthy way. Because the methods have stood the test of time it is more likely to succeed if you want to try SparkPeople diet. No false promises here, your commitment to seriously apply tried and tested methods and track your progress as to what SparkPeople suggest to your life will yield you positive results. In the end, it is you who will put the time and effort, eat healthy foods, and work the exercises for the SparkPeople plan to work.   

SparkPeople Weight -Loss Rules

SparkPeople stays away from the concept that most diets are tagged with, self-deprivation, and of course sacrifice. That is exactly the reason why most people give up a certain diet plan because you don’t have to be in a SparkPeople diet. Weight loss can be fun with the attitude, right mindset, right tools, and rules to achieve your goals.  This is interesting from weight-loss rules from SparkPeople that make the method more fun!.        

Eat more often

Overeating is a result of hunger that got out of hand, frequent small meals will help you to feel full and satiated. Going without food for long like 3-4 hours will result in drop-in blood sugar and focus that you will end up eating what is available and may not be healthy. Eating a smaller portion of food in a day will prevent you from going hungry and you will feel satisfied.   

Treat yourself

When food or the entire food group is your “off-limits food” in your diet, the more you will crave, think of that food and feel miserable. Allow yourself to indulge in such favorite treats from time to time on those you considered off-limits. Include it in your diet plan, permission to indulge in your favorite treats.  If you don’t, eventually you will give up your diet because nobody wants to feel miserable for that long.        

Stop searching for the best workout

You can ask yourself which workout is ideal for you, not for your friends or your friend’s recommendation. An exercise that you personally prefer and fits your personality is more effective in the long run because you will likely be consistent.  When you enjoy what you do, you will likely do it with no need for procrastination in doing the workout and will end up burning more calories.

Love what you eat

Eating slowly and mindfully savoring each bite without distractions will result in you enjoying the food, relishing every bite, and realize when you had enough. Try doing something else while eating, you are more likely to overeat.     

Lie around and do nothing

Sleeping at least 7 hours is vital for weight loss because depriving yourself of sleep increases your hunger hormone ghrelin and lowers the fullness hormone leptin.   

Don’t skip breakfast

It is important that after an all-night fast, you need to eat within an hour after you woke up. Skipping on your breakfast will make you eat more at lunch and another mealtime to offset the calories.

Dig into carbohydrates

You do not have to give up carbs like other diets, remember not all carbohydrates of foods are the same. We stay away from sugar-loaded sweets, processed foods, and refined flours but not give up the whole food sources from fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, and dairy from whole grain.         

Go out to eat

No need to deprive yourself of this, there are many ways to enjoy eating out without compromising your diet.

Indulge in gourmet delights

Seek pleasure on the food you can afford to spend on once in a while.  

Keep your workouts short

You do not have to spend hours working out, a 30-minute workout results better in terms of weight loss base on members’ results. 

Hang with your friends

On your way to a lifestyle change, you will need support from your friends to succeed. In SparkPeople, you may join forums and swap recipes or workout ideas.     

Go shopping

There is plenty of opportunities to shop for good reasons when you are on a weight loss program.

Don’t diet

The most important rule of SparkPeople, a diet that means there are a beginning and an end.  Diet now means that the food plan you use to maintain your healthy body weight.

There are more people using the SparkPeople because it works for them from following the SparkPeople diet, routine exercises to tracking progress. They do not make false promises and most of all it is free. You can easily get so many information for your weight loss journey without paying money to If you read the members testimony, you can conclude on its effectivity. You can try the SparkPeople diet and see for yourself, nothing to lose except of course your weight.    

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