Where To Buy Hemp Oil For Cancer Patients

Natural cancer treatments include CBD oil from the hemp plant. It’s important to know where to buy hemp oil for cancer. One key is to buy a high-quality product for best results when battling cancer.

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Are you looking for alternative cancer treatments? The global market for cancer therapeutics is over $121 billion (2017). There are many traditional treatments like chemo, radiation, and hormone therapy. These treatments can be effective but also cause many possible issues like unwanted side-effects. Many cancer patients are looking for alternative treatments like CBD oil. Today the legal use of medical marijuana is expanding throughout the world. If you’re looking for an alternative treatment you’ll want to know where to buy hemp oil for cancer.   

Fun Fact: The first record of the cannabis plant dates back to a Chinese emperor in the 2700s BC.

Cannabidiol (CBD) makes up to 40% of the hemp plant’s extract. One reason it’s been growing in popularity is that it’s much lower in the chemical THC, which causes people to get a “high” when consuming the marijuana plant. Meanwhile, studies show that CBD oil still provides many health benefits, which might include anti-cancer properties. In order to get the best results, it’s important to select high-quality CBD oil. This is why many experts suggest not purchasing the product at local stores. It’s better to shop around for safe and effective hemp oil to fight cancer cells/tumors.

What Exactly Is Hemp Oil?

There’s some crossover between “hemp oil” and “CBD oil” but there are also some clear differences. As its name suggests, hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant. This is one of the different kinds of cannabis plants.

The main difference between recreational marijuana and hemp oil is the latter is low in THC, which is what gives people a “high” when smoking pot or eating cannabis cookies. So you’ll mostly be getting health benefits without the psychoactive effects.  

The hemp plant has a long history. In the past, it’s been used for fabric, string, and rope. Hemp oil dates back to 1500 BC when it was used in regions like China, India, and the Middle East.

It’s interesting that the cannabis plant hasn’t always been classified as a dangerous drug. In fact, Queen Victoria received a cannabis prescription. Meanwhile, from 18=50 to 1930s the USA’s official list of medical drugs listed cannabis for health/wellness benefits.

Hemp oil is usually made from hemp seeds. However, in other cases, the entire plant is processed to make oil. Raw hemp oil has a strong/nutty flavor and green hue. However, after refining the oil loses its color, and the flavor decreases.

Hemp oil is added to a wide range of products including soaps, paints, and skincare. The oil can be rubbed onto the skin to treat dry skin, or added with other products like body oils/creams.

The hemp plant’s oil can also be taken as a dietary supplement. This provides benefits of unrefined hemp oil, which is high in fatty acids.

One key factor about unprocessed hemp oil is it has a short shelf life. So it’s important to store it in a refrigerated environment and in a dark container. This explains why hemp oil is often sold in small quantities. This helps to prevent it from going bad. Hemp oil also isn’t an ideal cooking oil.

Where to Buy Hemp Oil for Cancer

Hemp/CBD oil has been trending in recent years. The medical cannabis market is now worth $13.4 billion (2018) and continues to grow as more countries legalize marijuana plants for medical/recreational purposes.

The CBD oil industry dates back to the 1940s. However, in recent years scientists have been discovering more health benefits from cannabis-based oil. People have been using oil to reduce pain and treat different health conditions. Hemp oil has even been used for anti-cancer purposes.  

Like other products, it’s critical to go with high-quality hemp oil to get the best results. The bad news is that many companies have jumped on the CBD bandwagon to make some quick money. The problem is it’s flooded the market with cheap, low-quality hemp oil products.

Many people purchase CBD/hemp products at local stores. This isn’t the best option for various reasons. An ironic one is while CBD now has a classification of food supplements it’s resulted in more CBD stores and cheap products with artificial additives.

Other common issues at local stores include few offerings and high prices for a low value. So while purchasing hemp oil at such retailers might be the convenience it’s usually not a wise choice.

A better option is to shop online. This is particularly true if you’re treating cancer. In that case, you’ll want natural and high-quality CBD oil in order to treat a very serious disease.

There are various benefits of shopping online. You can select from dozens of CBD/hemp oil brands. This allows you to select one that best suits your wants and needs. You can also find more info about different brands/products. This includes issues like the oil’s sources and results from lab tests.

Another benefit of shopping online is that you can typically read reviews from past customers. This can give you a general idea about the experience past customers have had.

Possible Benefits of Hemp Oil


It’s estimated the world has about 5 million trillion germs. There are “friendly” bacteria in yogurt and other stuff. However, some are “bad.”

A recent study showed that hemp oil blocked various kinds of bacteria. This was due to the anti-bacterial properties. This included bacteria that can trigger skin; heart, and bone infections; and pneumonia. This is good news if you want to protect yourself from dangerous bacteria.


Some studies show that hemp-based oil might help to treat these conditions. One reason seems to be an acid in hemp oil known as GLA that helps the body produce the hormone known as PGE1.

A study showed that women with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) had lower symptoms when they took 1g of fatty acids.

Meanwhile, a 2010 study showed that hemp seeds can help protect menopause complications. This is likely due to high GMA levels.


If you have skin disorders then hemp oil might be an effective treatment. It seems the healthy fatty acids include omega-3s/6s. This might help to treat a wide range of skin conditions including:

  • Acne
  • Eczema (inflamed skin)
  • Psoriasis (skin cirrhosis)

More research is needed. However, various studies show that hemp/CBD oil might be effective in treating these skin disorders. The natural oil might also be helpful for battling infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Make sure to research whether there’s scientific proof hemp oil might help to treat your skin condition. If there is then it could be a practical way to deal with the condition.


In recent years health experts have been focusing on the importance of fighting inflammation. It’s been linked to many serious diseases like type2-diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

One 2011 study suggested that taking omega-3s like those in hemp oil might help to lower inflammation. This could justify learning where to buy hemp oil for cancer.

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