The Best Whole Foods Keto Foods to Buy For Beginners

One of the best stores to find keto foods that are high quality is Whole Foods Market. It is filled with healthy choices that can make healthy shopping super convenient and easy.

Whole Foods Keto Foods

Whole Foods and the Ketogenic Diet: A Brief Introduction

One of the best stores to find keto foods that are high quality is Whole Foods Market. This grocery is full of different healthy choices that can make healthy grocery and keto-friendly shopping super convenient and easy. Whole Foods Market offers a wide variety of low carb seafood, meat, and veggies, and it also offers choices to other staples that are high in carbs such as baked goods and sauces. In terms of keto-friendly snacks, the said grocery cum health food store has what it takes to be considered the best. Observing a ketogenic diet does not have to be all about restrictive eating since the important thing is to find ways to mix up recipes and make it exciting.

In this article, we look at some of the best keto-friendly food items available at Whole Foods Market. Read on to find out more.

Best Keto Foods to Buy from Whole Foods Market

Below are some of the best keto-friendly food items people can buy from Whole Foods Market:

1. Spence and Co. Fish Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

This product from Spence and Co. is reasonably priced at $6.99, but it is so well prepared that people can get the sensation of a meal prepared gourmet style. The best thing about it is that it requires no additional processing or preparation. These just need to be refrigerated, but that is all there is to it. Salmon is rich in terms of its omega-3 fatty acid content and has been proven to help individuals fight off inflammation and provide benefits for the heart. Cream cheese can also be added to provide individuals with a snack or meal that has increased levels of fat that is satisfying and filling.

2. 365 Black Chia Seeds

Uncertain about which food items to add? Then Chia seeds might be the answer to your Ketogenic recipes. These can be added for a boost in protein and additional fat content. These Black Chia Seeds from 365 is priced at just $9.99 and is considered as one of the most ideal superfoods for keto dieters due to its high fiber content along with some omega-3 fatty acids. These chia seeds are crucial when observing a ketogenic eating plan since they can provide other ingredients that needed extra flavor and texture. They can be baked into recipes that are keto-approved or can simply be sprinkled on top of veggies. They are also so versatile that they can be added to keto smoothies or salads.

3. Flackers Organic Flax Seed Crackers Sea Salt by Doctor in the Kitchen

People mostly don’t view crackers as keto-friendly food items. Fortunately, these crackers from Doctor in the Kitchen are keto-friendly and priced at just $5.99. The carb content for every 6 crackers is just one (1) gram making it a guilt-free snack for keto dieters. It also has a great advantage in terms of health as it contains flax seeds and is therefore high in fiber. It also has significant amounts of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) and omega-3 content. It is an easy on the go meal, with some prosciutto and aged mozzarella or a power snack during mid-afternoon breaks.

4. Stringless Organic Cheddar Cheese by Organic Valley

Using keto-friendly dairy products is ideal for keto dieters as they have almost no carbohydrate content but have higher fats and proteins, especially if the dairy used is the full-fat variant. These string cheese are priced at just $6.99 and make for the perfect addition to any meal preparation due to its fiber and protein content. This product is also ideal when used with tomatoes, berries, and other fruits that are low in carbs and when paired with veggies that are high in fiber. 

5. Avocado oil from Primal Kitchen

Oils are important for keto dieters as these are crucial sources of fats that are healthy, hence it is ideal to have a certain kind of healthy oil when having keto meals prepared. This avocado oil is priced at $12.99 and is high in monounsaturated fatty acid and oleic acid. Also, it has increased levels of antioxidants and is a great olive oil substitute. That is because compared to olive oil, avocado oil can be used to cook foods using higher temperatures without losing its benefits or burning the food (also referred to as smoke point). It can also be used as a quick ingredient to most salad dressings that are homemade and can be combined with some apple cider vinegar, black pepper, and dijon mustard.

6. Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt by Kite Hill

Whether faced with food sensitivities or observing a keto diet, this yogurt from Kite Hill priced at $1.99 is ideal for individuals. With total grams of just 5 grams for the unsweetened or plain variant. People do not have to let go of their yogurt routine each morning to retain their ketosis. They can also have a source of probiotics that is dairy-free and food for gut health. It can also be combined with some mixed berry cup and low carb fruit for that filling yet healthy treat.

7. Mixed Berry Cup by Whole Foods Market

It is a combination of berries in a cup that can provide people with their needed antioxidants and fiber. Berries and other keto-approved fruits are perfect for inclusion in the keto diet as they are low in carbs and sugar. These mixed berries in a cup can be paired with food items that are high in fat, such as string cheese and walnuts. It can then be a healthy and filling breakfast item and can also be enjoyed as a sort of health and refreshing snack midday or as an after-meal treat.

Bottom Line

Whole Foods Market is one of the best stores or grocers that can provide keto dieters with a diverse selection of healthy food items that are low carb and keto-friendly. It offers delicious treats that are reasonably priced and varied for keto meal plans.

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